Studio lighting For a noob blender 2.57

I am trying to start my project but I need help lighting the scene D: I know how to make the actually background, just not the lighting. :confused::confused::confused:

Can anyone help?

Lighting often depends on the subject and the setting. Basics of lighting have a rule, it’s called 3 point lighting. It consists of a key light (typically behind camera right, elevated) that is strongest, a fill (lower strength to reduce contrast) on the opposite side and a back-light or kicker that separates the foreground/subject from the background.

Lighting is all about mood and directing the viewers eye, you need to look at images or the real world and try to infer (or reverse engineer) where the lighting is coming from and how it is modeled.

Good luck and remember to post a pic for further advice, as talking to an image is easier than talking off the top of your head. :slight_smile: