Studio logo animation

I’m working on a production company logo for my DBNO (Dan But Not Out). It is a themed around boxing. You can see the speed punch bag on the left. I’m going to animate it so that it pulls out from that bag and reveals the larger scene and then the camera goes square on over the logo painted on the wall. During this camera move, the internal light will go off and the logo will only be illuminated by the exterior light coming through the window.

I do not plan to have both light sources on at the same time. Which in this pre render looks kind of strange. I am also going to add a couple more details. Maybe some weights or another punch bag. I have been trying to model some gloves but they are not really turning out like I’d hope for.

Any comments, thoughts, etc would be great.


So I’ve modelled some awards and put some posters on the wall. I did a test render of the animation and its looking ok. Just need to tidy up some things but i’m on the way

I’m pretty much finished. I’m just messing with some flares and stuff. I’m thinking of changing the one that is on the right towards the end. Does it look a little cheap?

I’d put some particles in the air, break up textures (especially bricks are too even) and ease the logo shot camera motion.

thanks. Yeah I was thinking the same about easing the motion. I’m trying to keep it short and it really adds to the time. Maybe it needs it though. I might but some particles in. I have a few in the volumetric light but you think some more generally. Cause its probably easier to add them in after effects if so. I’ve done a little on the bricks. I think I got a little board changing them so I’ll go back. Thanks for your suggestions