studio rendering reflective objects with yafray


i have quite some difficulties useing yafray and the cornel box idea
to reproduce realistic looking renderings of silver table ware.

since some hours i am trying one test rendering after the next one
read through all the tips on but still somehow something
is missing.

could somebody maybe give me some tips? here is a sample scene.

as you can see the shadows below are by far to dark and when i increase the GI power highlights start to wash out. i just used the same cornelbox setup you can find at the yafray site.

thankx a lot


well i guess yafray has a bug here.
refelctions show black refelctive objects while
i have raydepths higher than 5

i guess that explains the physical problems i have with yafray
compared to mental ray.

and another problerm with a different setup.
finaly i was able to get the smooth result but i noticed again the
problem with dark areas in refelctions. for some reason refelctive
objkects doi not get reflected with their refelction. they are black.

any help how to fix that?

Nobody has the same issue with the rendering and balck reflections?


Could you post the blend files for the last two images where you are having black patches in the reflections?

Judging by the image alone, I would say there must be something wrong with one of your materials. I say this because, in the image with the cornell box and the 3 balls and that curved object, you can see a ball reflected in another ball, but the curved object appears black. The curved object even reflects itself at some point and there too it appears black. Strange.

ya it is strange. i noticed that i have to invert the normals to make it work, but that cannot be ok.

i will post the file soon.