Studio scene (nudity) - final c&c please

Hi everybody,
I’m modeling a scene inspired by a film (La belle noiseuse).
This (hopefully) the final stage of the project. I render with Luxrender (obviously not long enough yet, it’s been only 9 hours :slight_smile: ).
Does anybody know good settings for skin shading in Luxrender?
Apart from that: please fire away with c&c.


Thats it with radiosity enabled and some basic materials. Still not happy - how do I get rid of the false lighting at the base of the stairs?


wow that’s a gigantic studio :slight_smile:
Minor crit tho, for a painters studio it’s awfully clean(most painters I know are messy and paint tends to get everywhere so maybe a spill or a bunch of paint splatters would help give the impression that someones working in this studio)
very nice work and hope to see the finished product :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, it is gigantic - it’s a barn :slight_smile: (wouldn’t mind having one too as a studio). The mess is mandatory and will follow, still trying to get the lighting right before I add any more detail. Still here are some detail shots.


That’s it with a first wall texture.


Added bump/spec mapping for walls and the floor.


the model has the weirdest “belly button” ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s makehuman … :slight_smile:

You are doing a great texturing job. So far, the woman model seem like the weakest part of the scene. Don’t know why but I feel there are some wicked proportion issues.

Yeah, it’s still a placeholder. Have to rigg my own first.

I mostly just want to say how pleased I am to see someone tackling a traditional subject in CGI… this happens all too rarely.

However, these kinds of posts are not really allowed in Focused Critique, so I’m obliged to say more than that as well.

The room overall feels too “new.” The furniture is largely untarnished and looks like it’s straight from the furniture store. The same goes for the walls. I’m guessing this is just because this is still in its early stages, but remember this key fact as you continue: artists’ studios are always a wreck. There are papers everywhere and stuff all over the walls and piles of weird objects lying around. The furniture is always scratched and covered with tape and paint.

Other than that, hooray, keep up the good work.

Thanks! And I’ll keep that in mind. I’m using a 70 years old easel myself, and hwen I look around, I know what you mean :slight_smile:

gamma-correct your render, using the gamma node, for more photorealism.

Hey! I’m the one who is supposed to suggest that! :wink:

This is such a great project.
I’ve seen the film and was enthralled by it. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a director film a real artist sketching out an entire image - skritch scratch… scratch… scratch. It was great.
And the story line was truly fascinating, reminded me of a story I read about the great artist Annigoni, it was said that he could make anybody cry in 15 minutes simply by sincerely talking to them.

Thanks to both of you! :smiley: Late response because not feeling too well. Have still to read the tut, but I will.
For now I tried rendering with gamma 0.75 and no color correction (curves). Hope to get it right in the end, since I want to print it.

Thank you!

Oh, here is the render with gamma .8. Watch van Gogh’s sunfluowers on the fridge :wink:


Getting there. Need to push the gamma correction though. Right now, the shadows are falling-off too rapidly.

BTW, About the light leak at the base of the stairs: You need to finish the stair geometry. 1) Either you model open stairs (meaning only the horizontal steps) which would make the leak less noticeable or 2) Keep your closed steps and countersteps but then you need to build some kind of closing bottom to your stair. In both cases, you need a side frame to hold the steps in place.

Sorry for the late response, my internet access was down for 5 days (the horror, the horror …).
Having no access to tutorials :wink: I did a bit try and error. And worked on adding The Mess.

I had planned to model something closing at the base of the stairs, but open steps are much better, thanks!

First render is with gamma 5.5, second with reduced haloint and spot energy and third one with original spot settings but gamma 5.5 and a brightness reducing node (-5). I’m not satisfied with it, far from it. Either it’s too washed out and the effect with the halo and the model being prominently lit is gone or the shadowy part is too shadowy.
Going to read a bit theory now.