Studio setup for product pictures

Hi everybody!

I want to adjust my blend file so that the shadows are way shorter. Someone who can help me? ill try to explain in attachments.

link to blend file


I think you can achieve this by using several light sources, combine them in a way to get result as shown above.

I mean, all you need to do in that case, is just try and play with the lighting by changing it’s position, power, shadow, radius, and, as should be mentioned at first, try to play with different types of lights (e.g. Point, Sun etc.)

So, it is all about practice. I think there’s no really a specific way to do this. Also note that you probably will need to play with the models materials, by reducing/increasing it’s roughness, specular and other properties.

Cheers with that!


Some things you could try:

Move your light source.

Change the light settings, try different lights, shape of lights, width of beams, size of light.

Also you could add roughness to the materials or adjust specularity.

Or use something like photoshop


I downloaded your file via link above.

As I see, you’re using only area types of lights. It is good and right for basic settings of your lighting, and, basically, for having your model to be appeared and viewed in the scene. But as for shadow, you could add some different types of lights (such as Point), and place them somewhere near of your glass bottle and play with it’s position and other properties.

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