Here is my latest render - a vision of a part of my studio, with a little license.

I’m quite happy with the result, but I’d really appreciate any comments or critique on all aspects: modelling, materials, lighting, composition, compositing, etc.

All work is original, barring a couple of image textures (phone screen, etc.)

It’s cycles rendered, with a way longer render time than I’ve done before, I’m wondering if you think the result was worth it?

No-one else has seen this, so all comments will be appreciated, thanks.

As always, click image twice to see full resolution.

It looks good. The right mix of realism and fun-CG look to it.

Thanks. I was going for realism. What ares do you thing more CG-ish? Or is it the overall look?

Yeah, it looks good but some things aren’t very realistic imho.
First thing is the table. It looks too much flat for me, flat like “perfectly flat”. If the table really is flat in real life, some glossiness map could help make it look a little bit more realistic (I don’t know if Cycles supports glossiness map atm though).
The other think is the wall, the “bumpiness” it too uniform and very high frequency. You could combine a medium and low frequencies bump maps to make it look more realistic.
Just my opinions though. Looking at isolated objects, they are very photorealistic imho, the only things I could spot that destroys the overall photorealism are those two “perfect” surfaces.

CG in terms of the overall playfulness of the curves and corners.
critique - Maybe try and go for a wallpaper on that back wall.

I don’t know, the “corners” looks realistically bevelled/chamfered and the ‘curves’ doesn’t look wrong to me also.
The monitor screen surely needs some effect also.

EDIT: Also, Cycles isn’t the most realistic renderer around imho.

@halgfx: I agree about those surfaces. I think smeared fingerprints on the desk surface would break it up, as a glossy map, if you like. Thanks for pointing out the bump on the wall. I’ve just spent so long compositing it in multilayers, I overlooked that area. Looking at the render result, it appears to be an artefact of compositing / file conversion. I’ll check it out.