Studios/Teams whatever you wanna call them

(Blender_owl) #1

I was just wondering how many game studios/teams are out there. So i can include you guys on links page on the Brainstorm Studios site. (dont fprget your Url)

(gargola) #2

one man team here! LOL :wink:

(guru202) #3

Yo Owl,

I cannot access your site. Whats going on?

(Peter) #4

I’m also a one man studio… No company name though…

My webpage:

Have patience, it’s rather heavy… (wrong design choise, but it will be reworked soon…)

But it’s worth it. There is a lot of sketches (some are for my BlenderGames Contest entry…) various images, animations and a old game (my first) that are still under developement.


(Blender_owl) #5

looks like im having problems with the server. Ill try to get it up and running as ssom as possible.

(Blender_owl) #6

the site is up and running