studios that make tools

Just wondering if animation / post production studios make tools for the industry, beyond pixar, Weta and Framestore? As far as I can tell most of these types of studios are end users, although they do a lot of coding when it comes to shaders - but those are for internal use typically.

I know blender started out as an animation package developed by an animation studio but after it transitioned to the blender foundation I’m not sure how many productions have been created by blender foundation besides peach and elephant dream.

Anyways I just found it kind of odd.

Most animation studios make their own software. I’m sure almost all of them, in fact.

as far as i remember animation studios use mainstream applications mixed with home brew extensions and certain home brew apps

hA, why bother with their own software? The use highend software, mixed with there own special project related stuff, vitaliy has it right.