study-5: yet another female character

started on a new round of study.

as usual, seeking feedback on modelling

Solid start. Only things I can see at a quick glance:

Area under the nose, the lips, that wierd ridge around the eyes and the ears are thin and oddly shaped. I guess this is just a rough start so I’ll let you tweak it some more before commenting too much.

The eyelashes need some work. Here’s a good reference to follow…

The second issue is the jaw, it needs to come back some, and get a little wider between between the ears and chin. The cheakbones also seem way to small, make them a bit larger. Report back with updates :slight_smile:

a bit more in. not 100% satisfied, but pleased of the progress.

please comment.

almost there i think. big thanks to all comments, especially the very useful ones on irc

lips and ear rework. please state if it is better ?

an older wire :

You need a lot more loops around the nose to control and shape the nose more. Also, the loops around the nose should follow the mouth area more, (i.e. the mouth loops should continue up and help form the nose). Youe topology also comes to a point at the tip of the nose. You should continue the mesh topology through to the bottom of the nose and into the top of the mouth.

The chin area looks very flat and has no shape at all.

The brow should protrude out more to give more depth to the eyes.

See my latest head image here to see what I mean with the above:


BgDM, i answered partially on irc.
I added a bit more topology, and reshaped a lot the nose and cheeks.

I think i finally got the hich cheeks, slim face i was looking for

now mowing on finishing torso

comments still welcomed and seked for.

To me the ear seems a bit too high. It could be the angle too, but as a general rule, where the ear connects on the top should be the same level as the corner of the eye and where the bottom (at the lobe) connects typically at the bottom of the nose.

Also the lips. I can’t really tell with this angle, but the upper lip should stick out a little further than the lower. Yours looks like they are about equal. It looks kind of like the lower jaw sticks out too, but of course this could be how you want it to look.

Other than that, it is looking great! I would like to see a profile, this may help in judging how you have placed everything.

torso roughed (shoulders unfinished)

i think body is mostly finished.

Please comment

well done, spooky realism but yet something just doesn’t click, maybe the use subsurf wrecked it. ah well.

the hands . comments ?

the anatomy of the hand is not correct. the bones run from the knuckles and converge at the wrist, not before the wrist, and not as sharply as you have them there.

the side view is wrong as well.

i was going to do a an overlay but on second thought i would recommend you get some reference and try the hands again. i’d especially recommend getting a skeletal reference to the bones in the hand.

you have to have a really solid understanding of the arrangement and function of the bones in the hand in order to model it correctly.

for the first point that is tendons and not bones (which are not visibles under normal circumtances), and they do converge like this, because they pass between the 2 forearm bones. they are indeed on the marked side, but that is deliberate and far from unseen on slender types persons.

For the second point, elaborate.

the tendons follow the bones. upon further examination, the reason i thought the tendons converged at the wrong place is that your thumb is in the wrong position. see image.

I don’t think the hands look too bad Lukep. After all, I doubt you’re going to see them all that closely.

A couple of things I would add to the changes though are to make the fingers more tapered and less bumpy. For example, the pinky looks like a pawn from a chess-board from some angles. The same goes for the thumb, which is more sausage-like.

i woud call modelling finished. comments

There’s something about the upper back that doesn’t strike me as quite right. Seems almost too flat, and the scapulae look a little strange. Also, the feet definitely don’t look finished. I think you’d be shaming the quality of the rest of the model if you don’t add a little more detail to the feet. They’re too flat and rectangular at the moment. The rest of the model is very nice though.

There’s something about the upper back that doesn’t strike me as quite right

The shoulder blades are below the actual shoulder.
I think they need to be moved up and have the top edges of them de-emphasized.

about the shoulder it’s pretty right. but it does not really matter now

as usual comments are seeked for .

texture are temporal only