Study area (with pc monitor and case)

Well I found out about blender a couple of weeks ago, and I decided yesterday to get cracking on a new project.

It is just a basic scene with a table, pc ect, I like the way it is turning out so I would like to share it with others, before it is completed.

Still a few bugs I should iron out, but nonetheless…voila

any comments/critisism is welcome

There’s some really strange artifacts on the monitor you should check out. It’s a good start.

Quite detailed for a beginner, good job there. However there’s something about proportions that bug me. The window makes the desk+chair seem small, and the table is really too small for such a large monitor (its plain bad erconomics + looks a bit weird)

Also i think you have “orthographic” set on the camera, which makes the scene look weird. It’s like the picture was taken from very very far away and then zoomed in. (btw, in the first scene everything is tipping over. Make sure to have what’s vertical, vertical)

Yea youre right I did have orthographic on…now I know not to :slight_smile:

also with the monitor, I started modelling it without mirror modifier, and im still too noob to set it on mid-modelling. So It looks like someone took a baseball bat to it :slight_smile:

also youre right about the scale, it is pretty bad, but it was not my main focus point, this was mainly to express my moddeling skills so far. I shall pay more attention to scale next time.

im still pretty proud of the pc case, It looks just like mine :slight_smile:

The orthographic camera is a bit disconcerting. Now that you know about it maybe you could post some renders in perspective mode? My only other advice would be to put a light of some kind outside the window… or maybe it’s night time? Hard to say. It’s great beginner work, keep us posted on how it goes.

I tried to give it a night time feel, but my lighting skills aren’t that great.

Im also having trouble with making realistic glass. All the glass I make either has a “non-glass” feel or it reflects too much and turns blue…ish.

Before my next update, I first want to get to grips with UV mapping/lighting ect.