Study of an Ear

i’ve been drawing a little in class, so i decided to tackle one of my weak points. so i started sketching some ears.

today i modelled it. — took an hour or so –

:slight_smile: hope everyone likes it

crits also welcome

Very realistic in shape, the flaps are excellent.

Very good…ramp shaders???

You could post the steps to make an ear…what do you think?

Ears are the DEVIL :< !!!.. and a good looking DEVIL you have there. Stellar work. :o

excellent modelling, yes i agree ears are the devil, if you can model an ear you can do anything, now to give it a decent texture :slight_smile:

Well done, frodochild. How about the rest of the head? :smiley:

sorry guys, i originally wasn’t going to texture it or else i would have posted it as a WIP – but i did and now i am finished with it.

heres the textured version, used the new uv unwrap feature LSCM, cool stuff but it unwrapped the inner part of the ear so that it was quite small on the texture. so it looks quite low res in that area. i should have just used a higher resulution mapping. i used a 1024x1024 i should have used something near 5000 5000.

Good modelling :smiley:

And the bumpmap is also fine. But the colors of the texture… :expressionless:

hey frodochild great modeling !! and i agree EAR’s are the devil. Wondering, do you mind putting togther a tut ? Another one wouldn’t hurt would it?

Hey and i Love Jesus Too :wink:

Definitely, if you’ve found a way to make a great devil/ear, I would love to see how you did it so brilliantly

Nice ear.

Bad texturing. :frowning: No offense, but he looks like a grampa with an ear infection :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for a clean texture, and you have yourself a perfect ear. :slight_smile:

NICE ear - do you hear ?!! I sad V E R Y N I C E E A R !!! :smiley:

good model - very realistic

Where is the earwax and the hairs? Does grandpa clean? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Great work!