Study on human expression and face detail

Hello everyone, honoured to be here :slight_smile:
First post!
As I dig deeper and deeper into the rules of what constitutes a human being and learn to apply them in the digital realm I strive for my images to become each time more alive. Yet I don’t think the objective is to mimic a human photograph but instead, try to bring life into a character that could never be born into this world but still makes you think and ponder about whatever life story got her to be who she is and look at us in such a way.
I’ll come up with more imposible characters in the near future but for now I’m just trying to nail the basics.


Welcome to BA.
Most impressive first post. Her hairline seems a bit low, though. Also her front as such might need to go further upwards, I believe.
The expression itself is very good, though. Looking forward to more such studies!

greetings, Kologe

Thanks so much for such an interesting and thougtful reply.
I’m originally a music producer and recording studio owner who has taken on 3D design relatively recently, since the pandemic started, to be more specific.
I’m still trying to find my own direction and style and although I have worked on photo production in the past this is a much more free and exciting territory with its own rules and language.
Regarding this short haired lady I agree about the hairline. I liked it for some reason as it gave her a more ambiguous, unsettling look. I will work on that hairline though and see what I can come up with.
This is so interesting. I will be releasing some more character models in the near future. Looking forward to your comments!
Greetings, Martin

@Kologe, here I`ve been working on a new iteration of this character.
Worked on the hairline as you suggested but also recreated some textures.
I added a microskin texture to the bump node which I also sent to clearcoat mixed with the specular map.
Added some sheen and redid the roughness map. Also worked some more on the peach fuzz.