Study Room Blender 2.62 with Yafaray

hi again ! i tried yafaray render in blender with a quick installation of an addon. i am happy with the result hope you enjoy it…

Modeling Blender 2.62
Rendering Yafaray 0.1.2.beta for windows 64 bit
Postpro with Gimp

and here is the link, you can download yafaray render addon from here

Just gonna say this… you do realize that there is no computer, on that desk, covered with Blender study books?

Other than the nitpicking stuff, the books don’t look totally real to me, or their colours stand out too much from the white. Other than that not quite sure.

I like it, the shadows are very nice and the lighting gets a very nice feel to the image.

Looks good to me , I do like your lights settings. What is it btw? Sun + area?

I think the reflexion of the shelf is kind of strange , like there’s something going wrong with the subsurf or somthing.
Annnd the texture on the floor looks to ‘2d’…you could add some bumpmapp and UVmap to make it look better.
( and maybe add a texture to the chairs too)

Lovely feel to the image :slight_smile: I would look again at some of the textures, especially the spines of the books as they are squashed covers at the moment. Also the floor texture looks pretty low res so you might want to address these issues.

yes sum details are missing in the scene. it was just a try of yafaray it could be much better than this but time is really important to make all those things… also i have sum problems with the books i don’t know if it depends on yafaray or sumthing i couldn’t texture them correctly ???
thanks for the comment my friend

thanks for the comment my friend !!!

wow, this is really good
i love yafaray

Wow that is looking really great. Can you share your yafaray settings? I have the problem that my images has always noise and yours seems pretty noiseless…How long did this image render?

here is the settings and thanks for the comment. it is good that you like it.
i think it took about 1 hour

hey razorkate thank you !!!@razorskate

Yafaray clears noise more effectively if you use at least 2 for Samples and for Additional Samples.

Reduce the Threshold value to 0.003 or slightly less and use more passes. It is ok to use more passes than you need as you can cancel the render when it looks clean enough. You really only need a large number of initial samples if there are a lot of small details.

Try setting 20 passes at 4 Samples and 2 Additional samples, with threshold 0.003. That will give 4+38=42 samples which is slightly more than your 32+1. It will finish the first pass much sooner and should clear quite quickly too, as it is re-sampling more pixels at a higher rate.

Nice light btw. You see a lot of V-Ray renders with a similar look.

Double post :frowning:

well i’d say that the impressive part of this piece is the lighting. other than that, it needs work. the texture of the floor (as stated previously) is a little bit flat and stretched. maybe a bit low res. other than that, i think the chairs need to be redone. good concept, though.