Study Room...Critique Needed!

Hey guys, it’s cloud9 again. I am about 2 and a half weeks old to Blender now and I have been pulling my hair out wondering what this study room is missing. I mean, I know that it needs a chair and knobs/handles on the desk drawers but what is it really missing? There are some key elements that I am overlooking that is keeping this room from looking more real. Please assist me in deciding which room looks more real and the why’s and hows of it… and thanks for the critique; I can take whatever you throw out!


A clean study room ? No way :wink:
Paper and books on the floor, the PC/Latop is missing. Also some posters on the walls.
Some of this small yellow stickers where you write some notes on …

edit: and the reflection of the floors in picture 2 and 3 are way too much. I prefer picture 1

That’s the kind of critique I am looking for! I am excited about applying changes immediately! Keep the critique’s rolling!

One interesting thing that caught my eye: Your garbage can isn’t reflecting on the floor, but the garbage inside it is.

The big thing that I think needs work is the lighting. The shadows under the desk seem very sharp for an area that would seem to be lit from indirect lighting from all sides.

I like your first render the best.Just as UNSTABLE said i dont think there is a clean study room.LOL!i also love the way you setup up your room.So keep up the good work.:smiley:

Lightning could be much better, and wall could get a bit better textures. Does that garbage can need Ctrl-N or am I mistaking? Light that is coming out of that lamp on the right should spread out more according to the “bowl” (don’t know the right term) of the lamp.

I agree with spacestrudel about the light from the lamp. It looks like you used a spot light in the first two pictures. I think it’s a good idea to use a spot, so that the shadows on the wall aren’t too hard, but you really need to increase the angle. The cone of light coming from the spot should just cover the outer rim of the lamp bowl thing. You might want to play with some low energy/no specularity hemis to improve the indirect lighting. I’m not exactly sure what you did with the lamp on the third picture. It looks off-center and the angle is worse. Personally I think the green walls could look cool, but the texture on the left wall seems a little too prominent. Good luck with your room.