Study Room

Hi friends , I would like to show you my last project I did in my free time.
well, The Software is Blender, Yafaray and Photoshop… hope you like it

Ok, I wanted that scene to convey a moment of rest where the person has options like drink a coffee and read a good book in a comfortable chair and
there is nothing better in life than read a good book or watching a good movie on a rainy day.
I saw a scene in a movie where the guy was reading a book on a stormy day and the telescope was on the side
that was my inspiration : Yes:

well, hope you like


wow!!! thats great!!! i really like the rain effect in the window but… its too much illuminated the scene dont you think so?

Great render! I agree with iii210, it looks “pale”. I think you need to flip/reverse the bump on the floor. Great rain effect!

Hi iii210, thnx for you message
well, you can’t read in the dark, so I left well lit ^^

good job, is a beautiful place to read a book! great! i really like the rain effect in the window

great work, i like this evening mood

I want that chair. :slight_smile: nice work.