Study & Sketch - Pose Art Reference

Hi, a friend of mine has started a project about a “pose art reference” app (alpha version, still a lot of work to do) in wich you can choose from a pose library the one you want to be used as a reference. This one was intended to be used in a browser but right now we are looking forward to see what is going to happen with the web plug in in the future, because Chrome (google) decided to drop off some sopport for this kind of functionality, and Firefox seem to adopt this too in the near future.

At this time it only works in Firefox.

Here is a video of the app:

And here is the online app

This work as I have mentioned before only with Firefox and others but not with Chrome.

Developed by a friend (Mondragon Aka 3DMondra), and I did the rig and the current poses.

Done with Blender and Unity.