stuff gets linked when I press Append

Well this is a disaster, I really have no chances of winning this bgmx anymore. cz I deleted a resource file which WASNT NEEDED cz I APPENDED all the stuff I needed to other blends, so I deleted that. and now the game wont start cz I find the stuff I appended from arent local, they’re linked!
But I clearly Appended them!
how and why does this happen?
P.S: someone tell me if I can somehow get that deleted file back asap

You have to be careful when mixing link and append. When data blocks are already there (e.g. linked) they will not replaced by append. On the other hand when your appended data contains linked data these links will remain linked.

I personally find it a bit hard to turn linked data into appended data. Sometimes it works sometimes it does, and sometimes it works just for a part of the data.

Typically I only link groups (or scenes with group instances). This works pretty good and helps a lot keeping things organized. There are a few limits such as when you parent an instance to another object you need to “fix” this parent-relationship via python in-game. Otherwise you just parent the instantiating object (which is not the parent of the instance member in-game).

You might want to reset the links.

  • Move the linked file away (that it can’t be found)
  • open the linking file (you get missing file errors)
  • save the file
  • open it again (the links should be gone now)

That sucks, I feel your pain. Is resource file in the Recycle bin, or Trash (mac)? Prolly not, but if is you can drag it back into your game folder. But I suspect you know that, but it don’t hurt to mention it.

Did you open .blend files that are not made in your version of blender?
I found out that this caused the problem for me, i needed to delete blender and download a fresh version again.

It’s known that older .blend files can mesh up blender it self. (think about blender showing white objects where color does not work anymore etc.)