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Greetings people,

Here’s a render I did a while back. Thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share it here.
Everything in the scene is modeled by me except the two books in the background which are imported from Quixel Bridge.

Texturing done in blender.
Rendered in E-Cycles 2.93.0 - 1000 Samples and some post processing in Photoshop.

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Edit: Tnx to dear @Daniel_Aubert for the SSS tip, I fixed the tape SSS and here’s the result (also the furrows are a bit bigger now, more visible):


I really like it, and I would almost say that it’s a photo except for the scotch tape. There’s a lack of something with the roller, maybe we need to see there are furrows on the side. The dust on the desk is à very nice touch and all the other objects are realistic :+1:t2::+1:t2:. Very good work !!! Congrats…


Thank you for the kind words.
I agree about the scotch tape. It’s actually funny, there is a procedural bump map on the side of my tape, but it is out of focus and you can’t see it in my render. It’s a cheap way to fake it because I didn’t want to spend much time on it.


Ok I can see it now. But still, I don’t know what should be done but it still borhers me. Thank you for showing it to me. And congratulations again :smiley::smiley:

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Great work, :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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@JPblend Yea I know, I will consider that for my future projects. And thanks again for the suggestion.

@ozgur1 Thank you, really appreciate it.

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Oh thanks a lot, Bart! Didn’t see that coming! :sweat_smile:
you too :wink:

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nice ali jooooon

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harmanem baba narde charshafem

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@Artpixellz Thank you Aria jan :slight_smile:
@Pouya_Saad :sweat_smile: :rofl: Ty bro!

Nice work :muscle:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Great attention to detail !

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I think it could be the sss. It is too red like human flesh, but since it doesn’t have blood beneath it should be more like the color of the tape itself. That is what I find strange in the tape.
But it definitelly is an amazing scene! Congrats for the great work @Ali007

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Thanks Daniel,

You may be right !!! Have a great day :blush:.

@Reza.yousefi Thank you!
@bartv Tnx a bilion Bart!
@Hadriscus I appreciate it

Yea man, it’s SSS. But the thing is I tried different colors for SSS and I couldn’t get it to look like the creamy color it is in real life. I don’t know what to do about it, do you have any solution?
& tnx for the kind words.

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Sure! You have to tweak the Subsurface Radius values. They are set on Red, Green and Blue. Blender by default sets Red as the highest one, you just have to tweak them to see how it is going to work better for your material.
I think this radius is using the unit you have active on Blender, like meters for example. So a value of 0.1 for red, would mean that the sss is going to scatter red “light” through 10 cm… I am not sure about this haha, but I know that the higher the red, green or blue values, the more these colors will show in the sss. If you equalize them, the sss will look more like the color you chose on the Subsurface Color box.
Here are a few screen shots as an example:

This are the default values Red1.0 Green0.2 Blue0.1

Also, if you are using cycles, remember to use Random Walk sss mode. It is more accurate.

Hope this helps! Cheers!


I can’t thank you enough Daniel, really appreciate the help.

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