Stuff that pisses you off

Have one?, mine is VIOLENCE!

BullShit! :eyebrowlift:

Usernames with cussing in them (seriously, having cussing in your username makes you look like you’re fresh from YouTube or the Geekology blog)

EDIT: To others, he asked what ticks you off and I gave a straight answer to his question.

people who try to shove religion down your throat every chance they get. Yes im nice and I like to make friends and respect people however that doesnt mean that I wanna believe into your fairy tales.

Can I also say it ticks me off to see people bash religion every chance they get even when it’s never been brought up in a thread.

The playing field is now evened out. (and don’t start bashing me for saying it)

I second that CyborgDragon.

What REALLY pisses me off is slow drivers who don’t give a crap.

EDIT: Oh and I really hate that stupid owl! It was funny for a while… then idiots learned how to do a lousy photoshop job… then it got worse…

If you don’t like it I’ll make this thread into a…LOOK A SLINKY

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That a lot.

Faith belongs here.

Aren’t you supposed to bash things in this thread? What does it matter whether it’s been brought up before?

But… bullshitting, why did you join? Apparantly your two posts have been this and “salad!” in the favorite food thread.

What ticks me off:

Myself, getting ticked off for any reason.

That’s not a slinky. That’s one of those foil hoses that take hot air away from the dryer.

Anyway, this thread is going nowhere fast.