(OOPz) #1

Scrappy and I had little key making competition, and i decided to keep working on the product,
Theres currently almost no texturing so the metal all sucks… but sofar im happy.

Its basically the pile of bits n pieces that i dump out of my pocket after a night on the town. (all semi accurate)

Still a lot more to come,
More coins
Paper money
Hair Band (for my girlie hair)

Cashpoint Card
Mobile Phone
Small Oval Foil packet :wink:
a paperclip or washer or something (i always seem to have something stupid like that in a pocket)

Currenlty at about 20 hours…

Note: Coins are a pain in the ass to modle… expecially englands funky 7 sided coins, i cant even face the hyper complex paterns on some of them.

(ectizen) #2

:o Love that pen!

The second key from the top looks off centre. The unseen hole for the ring feels either too small, or too far left of the middle of the key’s “handle” (or whatever you call that bit…)

This is a very promising image - I’m looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

(BgDM) #3

Yes, that pen is very nice indeed!

I agree with the second key thing that ectizen mentioned. I just doesn’t look right. The keychain looks very nice as well. Get a shiny texture on the end of the lighter and this will be great.

Looking forward to more of this one myself.


(slikdigit) #4

put some loose hairs around/by the hair band. :slight_smile:

(blengine) #5

took an aweful long time to load but great job! everything looks excellent

(pofo) #6

Won’t load at all for me :frowning:
I’ll check later

(OOPz) #7

Thanks for all the comments… hair on the hair band is a great idea…

FYI, iv modeled MY house key’s as accuratly as possible… the ‘real’ second key Is totally of centre (the hole is in the far left corner), it may look wrong… but its staying that way (if i can get hold of a digital camera ill set up the scene in real life and do a comparison shot).

Apparently i REALLY suck at doing metal textures… Iv got the lighter looking almost photoreal but im still fighting with the keys… but ill figure it out eventually (only had about 3 hours to play with the file today, and most of that time went into making the virtually invisible detailing on the (new) 1p coin)… new pic up now and some detail shots.

Incase anyone is going to say it… I am going to dirty up the inside of the lighter… just havnt got that far yet (have a look inside one, its ALL brown)