stumbleing on first exercise,

hi i am trying to extrude the lips on the first excercise ,
Scaling the first extrusion.

Now let’s form more of the mouth.

  • Select all vertices in the mesh with A.
  • Enter Extrude mode (E>>Only Edges).
  • Extrude Mode automatically puts you in Grab mode. Move the mouse up, down, left and right to see what Extrude does.
  • Switch to Scale mode by pressing S. Note: It matters where the mouse cursor is when you press S.
  • Scale up the extruded vertices by moving the mouse away from the Object Center so it looks something like Scaling the first extrusion’ when i click ‘E’ nothing seems to happen and during the exercise the only thing that changes is the scale, anyone any ideas?

When you type E nothing seems to happen?

You should get a menu pop-up with “Only Edges” and “Only Vertices” as options. You’ll need to click on “Only Edges.” If you wave that off (move the cursor off the menu so it disappears) then you’ve cancelled the extrude.

You said you clicked on E, I’m assuming that you typed the letter E on the keyboard, which is what you’re supposed to do.

hi there, thanks for that so far, when i click E on the keyboard nothing happens no menu no nothing

Before you extrude (ie: type e) you must select the verts, edges and faces you want to extrude. The tutorial tells you to type a, which is select all, or deselect all. So make sure the verts are lit up as selected verts. If they are not selected, nothing will happen.

The other thing that might cause nothing to happen when you type the correct hotkey is that your mouse cursor has drifted into another window. Hotkeys only affect the active window, which is the window your mouse cursor is in when you type the hotkey. If your mouse cursor is in the button window when you type e, nothing will happen because typing e doesn’t have any action assigned in the button window. Make sure your mouse cursor (should look like a crosshair icon) is in the 3d window before you try to extrude.

There seems to be a bug in the tutorial. Just before you were instructed to select and extrude the mouth vertices, you were instructed to check the pivot point by using the pivot point menu in the button window header. If you actually do that, your mouse cursor is in the wrong window for the next instructions to work. I’ve pm’d the author, so hopefully the wiki will be edited to warn future newcomers to move their mouse cursor back to the 3d View window first.

and you have to be in edit mode.