Stump Face ( WC 'living objects' )

I haven’t done the regular WC for awhile since i have been doing the anim challenge but I thought i’d have a shot at this one. I have to add some kind of environment and some more plant matter still.

Nicely done Modron. Great concept.

You should make the leaves smaller though. Give the character a larger sense of scale. Right now it looks like it’s a small piece of wood. I know you said it was a stump, but for an older tree, which is what I think you are going for, the stump should be huge and the leaves should be smaller and a little more dense.

Textures are nice.


Leaf placement seems a little strange with the ends just stuck in the trunk. Otherwise it’s taking shape.

thanks i’m going to fool with this some more, but here’s an update. i used fiber for the grass, and I think I will add some more vegetation, maybe a plant made with the new static particle thingy.

Hehe kinda scary :smiley: but stil its great work, maybe more dense baground would help?