Stump Workbench

This popped up in my head when I was thinking of the thing I was going to model and texture today.
This is a tree stump that was turned into a workbench.
As you may observe, it contains a paper representing a blue print, a home depot looking pencil, a tape measure that actually looks like one, and a hand saw that didn’t take much effort to create that is hanging off a branch that is unrealistically low.

I had fun modeling and texturing this just like all of the other things. This took me about 2 hours to do.

The total tris is 499
The amount of pixels used in the textures is a little more than 2,000.

In case you want to see the model, I have it on sketchfab, take this link This can also be found on Blendswap
(More people tend to download models on Blendswap.)

Tape Measure WoodPencil