stumped on game animation

Hi! I have successfully created a game character, and I don’t know how to bring it to life cuz I don’t how to animate it.
I’ll pose a few questions:

  1. are there any decent walkcycle tutorials online? the one in the blender manual isn’t specific enough with everything.

  2. how do you make your animations loop?(the manual also doesn’t elaborate on this one either.)

  3. can you combine RVK’s with your game animations for use with the Blender game engine?

  4. last but not least, how do you export your anims to other formats?

I would be very pleased to have some of my questions.

Well not specifically answering your questions, but here’s some general tutorials that cover a wide range of the game engine.

Oto’s Tutorials

Snailrose Tutorial - covers a lot that you need to know

Hope this gets you started.

Jason Lin