Stumped on Math homework? Have you tried youtube?

hey, look what I found!
(calc III) - double integrals in polar coordinates : its basically what we were going over today :smiley:

edit: I actually googled the title of our math section and youtube was one of the first hits.

anybody want to try this method? (search youtube/google for homework help)

I’d love to hear if it works with other subjects :D!

Awesome, i never thought of youtube as a math learning resource. It should help me a lot, as i currently suck at math! Hes also got some interesting stuff on quantum mechanics. :rolleyes:

Theres another good channel, MathTV

Gee, I wouldn’t know. I’m still using Divining Rods to work out my Polar Coordinates.:smiley: Saw the video, the guy is very enthusiast and passionate about what he’s doing. I don’t know, I suppose it will work. Good Luck!

i find your lack of midnighttutor disturbing.

Awesome, i never thought of youtube as a math learning resource.

now that we have open courseware from some institute and some cool people teaching individually on youtube, you can learn pretty much anything without going to school.

Yeh thats right!

The only problem is that you dont end up with that little important piece of paper saying you know the things uve learnt. Without that u wont get far.
Thats the thing with school and uni etc, your pretty much paying for that one little piece of paper at the end. Expensive. :eyebrowlift:

Exactly… that’s why i’m speculating that we could have some standard tests. So you can study all and watch video lectures all you want and then just take a test and get a similar “piece of paper”…

but if that happens why would we need universities and colleges anymore? maybe they’ll follow AnimationMentor’s system of online teaching?

Some folks just need to learn stuff, to figure out how to do something, whatever, and for them the internet has been a godsend. At my advanced age (50) I don’t give a rat’s patootie about another diploma or such, I just want to learn how to do stuff. And be it SQL syntax or Blender tuts or how to turn off the backup beeper on a Prius, it’s all out there.

I also think it pretty darn cool that MIT posted their coursework online for anybody to use.