The following post contains the terms: cricket, stump, bail, and World Cup. Consider yourself Shane Warned =).

I’m trying to make a stump (wicket). It’s a challenge my cricket fanatic wife set me. I’m having a little trouble tho. I can’t work out how to do the groove where the bail(s) sits. I know this is easy but for the last week it’s been beyond me. Sad. I’ve tried using two cylinders and booleans to attempt to ‘cut’ the groove out the top of the stump but no dice. I’ve tried using a tube and extruding the top inward and then adjusting the vertices to form the groove but the result was less than satisfactory. There is an easy way to do this but it’s eluding me at the moment. Has anyone got a solution?


PS: Australia vs South Africa final. Australia to win it’s third World Cup.
Best Outside chance: NZ.

  1. make the wicket pretty lo res
  2. do a search for “slice plane” and get the slice plane script
  3. render with 1 or 2 levels of subdivision surface

This is how I would do it quickly:

Add -> Mesh -> Circle of 16 vertices

Build rectangular faces inside the circle by selecting 4 vertices at a time in a long rectangle shape and pressing FKEY to make a face. Repeat this for all the vertices - you want to end up with a filled circle, with the lines that divide the faces all parallel to each other (perhaps a similar pattern to as if you’re looking down at a piece of corrugated iron that’s been cut to a circle shape).

Select all of the verts, then change to a side or front view and extrude them all downwards to make the long shaft of the stump. You can then go back up to the top, extrude the circle up and scale it in a bit to make the bevelled top, then grab the innermost edges and move them down a bit. This makes the groove for the bails.

Whack on subsurf to smooth it out, and you’re set!