StumpFace is Back! ( updated with hook anim )

finally got back to modelling this badboy. it’s more fun now that i can concentrate on the details. a ways to go yet, but it’s getting there.
<edit> here’s the facial anim test:

Looks great…I really like that.
I particularly like the eyes :smiley:

I like it! is it meant to be a tuhopuu inspired image?

thanks guys,…no it was originally a WC project, which I decided to redo. Maybe they can put him on the tuhopuu splash though, sounds like a good place for him. Time to start adding fungus.

Excellent mesh, I think I remember the original was also good.

Nice looking model Modron, It’s one of those pieces where you can add endless amounts of detail. I look forward to seeing the finished result.

that looks great man!
love the details.
any chance of a future .gif of him doing facial expressions, or talking

funny you should say that,…i just made one using hooks. man those hooks are cool. i’ll put it up later on.

Hey looks great! :smiley: nearly treabeard :wink:

i cant see what other detail you could possably fit on the tree, but environment, like a forest or grassy plains would go well. right now he looks hollow.
i like it.

Great concept Modron, can’t wait to see it textured !

Please take a lot of time on texturing this. 8~)

thanks guys. i added his facial anim test at the top. i’ll take my time UV mapping him,…is going to be a pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Animation looks very nice! (I need to look up more about these hook thingys me thinks before I start facial animation)
I don’t know how detailed you were intending the animation to be (which is excellent) but should the sides of the mouth perhaps move a little in response to his “jaw” dropping? I know he’s a talking tree, so anatomy is a little different though. :stuck_out_tongue:
This is going to look absolutle amazing when it’s done!

that is the most charicter ive seen in a tree for a long while but it seems to perfect you need to make it rougher but i supose that comes later

HAHaha Cool!

its getting even better, cant wait to see textures and hear some audio. very nice, hehe, for the next blender splash it could have a video instead of a still, that would be sweet… yet so impractical.