StumpFace ( updated >again< at top )

I kind of wish I would have spent a bit more time doing the modelling here, but since he’s all UV mapped,…
<edit> as you can see i gave him regular eyeballs.
<edit> fooled with the levels a bit. I think I’ll go with this version.

hee hee…

he looks like one of the easter island heads… (no offence)

nicely modeled and textured…

it is sorta obvious that you used a backbuf image, but i guess it would have taken too much time to model, eh?


I like it. only c&c is Mushrooms look too shinny .

it is sorta obvious that you used a backbuf image

yeah… because the lighting doesn’t match very well… maybe add a backlight to your model?

i like it a lot modron
i could tell it was yours even if i didnt see the name
only crit would be i would rather see the eyes uv mapped instead of the black, i think that would add some much more character.
but the overall render is very nice

not a bad idea, i’ll try it.

Very nice, I like how you sprinkled Mushrooms on the image.

Possibly with a bit less saturation it would fit better to the background but apart from that it is very well done and a great concept. I like it a lot. :smiley:

Thanks guys. I took wu’s advice and gave him regular eyeballs. I think he looks alot better. I turned up the AO a bit, to ‘blanch’ things, but it didn’t do much.

oh hell yes, much more character
very mean looking, nice job
would love to see some animaiton done with this guy

Looks good,but the ligth setup seems little out of place. The light setup of the face doesn’t fit in with the background.

Other than that, nice face, good textures.

Modron I like this very much. The new eyes work well.

I had several suggestions that are probably best summarized by the postprocessed image below:

Here are some things that may or may not work :wink:

Perform a slight Gaussian blur on the background picture.

Increase the saturation of the image.

Try very slightly “burning” the image area closest to the stump so as to make it gel more lightwise with the foreground area (check image above to see what I mean).

Try a low distance/low power negative light to the left of the stump while moving the frontmost light up just a little, or if that doesn’t work try a secondary “shadow only” low power light at the same point of your foreground light source to enhance shadows. Another alternative would be to use AO with Sub only. Not sure though how that might affect the scene if AO is already being used.

Maybe make the tree material emit less (if emit is anywhere above 0) and while slightly increasing its reflection value. Otherwise maybe try lowering the RGB value and then increasing the reflection value for possible better contrast to match the background picture.

After rendering, consider the following post processing steps that can be done in Blender, first using the Dither feature in the render window:
possibly add some slight noise (either through Blender’s Dither) or through another program. This sometimes can help the background and foreground elements come together more smoothly.

The final thing (if you opted to increase the saturation for the background photo) is to try to desaturate the results by 10 to 25 percent. This too can be done in Blender via the Desaturate plugin (if it works with 2.35 - not sure about that) or through another program. Slight noise/desaturation in another program might not affect open status, but you probably would want to check on that :wink:

I hope some part of that might help :slight_smile:

Best of luck in the WC!


thanks robert, i think i’ll just borrow yours. :stuck_out_tongue: ( just kidding ) but yeah, i think youre right, i’ll take care of it. thanks for the comments guys.