Stunt kid

So today I’ve started working on this kid. I plan on showing the after math after this kid tries to turn his bike into a hang gliding bike. I still need to add some protective gear and I’m tying to come up with some ideas for what a ten year old with no budget would be able to scrounge together.

This is the first iteration of the model with no textures yet.

Off to a great start there.

I would say the fingers are too long - or the palms are too short.

I think its the fingers that are too long, if you’re aiming for this to be funny, you could try having him COVERED in strange safety gear, like a colander over his head, one of those huge shoulder pads that american footballers use, and stuff like that?

fingers have been shortened. he has new shoes and some protective gear

Finally got around to texturing this guy. I think most the the procrastination was because I was waiting for my wacom tablet to come in the mail.

finally got his textures and rigging done

His ears seem to be rather elongated and pointy at the bottom (this may be the desired intent). If the character is ment to be funny then perhaps you could place a cusion up his T-shirt.

Your modelling skills seem to be very good! well done, I particuarly like the nose of the character.

Nice but a little bit too plastic. He has psychodelic look in his eyes. I don’t like it. :slight_smile: