Stunt Track

I tried to upload in here but it says file too big…anyone have suggestions for a free place to upload to?


i seem to remember this… youtube message maybe? qazwsx2541 es me.

and i suggest mediafire.

i suggest to upload this game at

Cool! Looks great

Looks cute, I’d love to play it!

Media Fire Download Link:
This is a .rar file that includes the stand alone executable with all other neccessary files

zlib.dll 80,954
vcomp90.dll 54,272
swscale-0.dll 221,184
stunttrack.exe 23,659,824
SDL.dll 323,072
python26.dll 2,251,264
pthreadVC2.dll 80,070
libtiff.dll 811,085
libpng.dll 224,771
gnu_gettext.dll 15,872
avutil-50.dll 74,752
avformat-52.dll 777,728
avdevice-52.dll 10,752
avcodec-52.dll 9,480,192

Just played, it’s very fun! I love the cartoon style the truck has.

I’d work on the terrian though, the textures are low-res and I’d click SET SMOOTH on the ground.

What is and how does it work?

Mediafire is a place you can upload files to for others to download. It is free to use unless you want fast access. Then you have to pay a monthly fee.

jesesfrk14 thats the best I can do on this computer. I had a fire in my house 2 years ago and am in the process of rebuilding it. Right now I’m at the mercy of my moms computer that has ONBOARD VIDEO EEK!!! Can’t wait to get my house done so I can improve and finish the other games I’m working on…check them out on youtube username rexscuz

And also let me know if sounds or textures dont work cause everything seems to be fine on my computer


Man, you can do better actually! Try some rough places!

Ok…I’m changing the terrain to be smoother and for the texturing to be smooth and flowing. I also took the dirt texture and lowered it to give more of a “raised grass” apperance…It’s lagging this computer to no end… crashing blender like crazy…but for you I’m doing it…The reason I kept it low poly and blocky textures is so no matter what kinda system you had, you could play it but apparently graphics are more important…

Oh and also Blender creators…WHY DID U CHANGE THE INTERFACE!!! I hate the new blender…way too confusing and NONE of my games run with it…re-downloaded 2.49b

2.5’s interface is easier to use, to me. I don’t know what I’d do without the searching function. Blender’s also quite a bit faster in 2.5 (the same speed as the BlenderPlayer, which is about 200% increase, for me). Also, games that use Python won’t work with 2.49b out of the box as they use different API’s.

I’d download this right away and play later.

wow sorry to hear that (house) :frowning:

New Updates:
Almost Finished with smoothing out textures…little more to go

I also increased steering handling so it doesn’t slide around so much.

I tried to upload new pics of it but for some reason it just sits there with the spinning working symbol and does nothing…I’ll try again later

I have no idea what the problem is…wont let me upload the new ss of the game but heres the link for the high poly download