Stupid Blender GLSL question

First, gotta say, just updated to 2.48, and it looks all kinds of awesome. (Native x64 support FTW!)

I do have a question, though. Is there a way to export the GLSL materials? I’m messing around with XNA Game Studio (Yes, I am aware I’d have to switch them to HLSL), and being able to do most of the graphics in Blender would be all kinds of awesome.

Shaders are long scripts that tell what to do with textures, etc. You can surely use stuff created in blender, you just are exporting the texture mapping, normal mapping, etc information, not the whole script.
The shaders are now built-in Blender and you can write your own to do specific things like Parallax Occlusion or realistic water simulation…
Before you had to use BGE Python + very long shader scripts as text files. Now it’s just the click of a button.