Stupid computer users

Some of may be familiar with Computer Stupidities. A site full of stories about clueless computer users. But since new entries are hardly ever added, I thought we should start something like that here. If you have had experience with someone like that, post your story. The only requirement is that it’s true. I’ve had my share of them. In the same building that my dad works in there is a guy with a very small computer shop (he smokes there too). My dad bought a Pentium 4 mother board from him to replace his old P3 which was then given to my brother. But after that my bro’s PC started crashing but only with the P3. Sit it was taken to the salesmen. His diagnoses, the hard drive was too full.

Ahem, should not the title be " How fool the computer users are" ?

Ok, seriously, if someone still thinks “how fool” is a correct expression… NO. It is not. It should be how “foolish”.

Enjoying the website right now. I never did get one of those quatable stories, but I frequented an internet cafe back in the late 90’s, and had the amusing experience of getting to know a girl who could crash any program, or even a whole computer, almost by just sitting at it. Not intentionally, but more as if she was cursed or something! She would sit at a computer, calmly pressing a button or two every minute. Then, the program would lock, and an assistant would have to shut down and reboot. I watched her do it to about three computers one day, and a couple more a few days later. Don’t know what the heck she did, but she said she was used to it by now. Apparently, nearly any computer she used would crash. Poor thing just wanted to learn how to use them right.

Also, a friend of mine back at tech high school managed to borrow another friend of mine’s fancy new calculator, the kind with equation memory and all that. Three minutes later, he had (deliberately) created a malware ‘program’ (equation? I don’t know!) so that the calculator would do NOTHING but continuously print JIMMY (the culprit’s name) on the screen. My friend, the owner, tried shutting it off or hitting every reset button he could find. In the end, he had to pull the batteries and thus erase the entire memory, containing equations and mathematical what-not of six months studies. He never loaned out his calculator to anyone again :slight_smile:

I’ve been to this site before!

Speaking of bad english:
Make my own portable computer? HOW?
Ah, I have found the solvent to my question!


But seriously, Everyone was new once… better to help them learn than be mean and call them names.
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