Stupid dog!!!!

for some reason when I enable GLSL and put the normal maps on it looks like this and its REALLY peeing me off!!! please help!!!


Make sure col is not depressed in the Map To properties in materials. If it’s not working or if you’ve already done that, mind uploading the .blend?

lol billymuncher2,

you don’t want your bump map to
affect the colour of the wall right ?

than maybe you shall disable the “COL” button in the “Map to” material panel.

what’s your obsession with stupid dogs lol ?

problem solved thanks for the help (it was an internal prob)

and im so obsessed with Stupid Dog!!! because one its eye catching and it was from one of my favorite cartoons courage the cowardly dog (I know thats a little bit immature but i love classic cartoons all of the new ones are filled with trash)

I completely agree, I loved that cartoon when I was a kid. I loved the old stuff everything back to roadrunner. ^.^

What is “internal” problem supposed to mean?

it probably mean

“From the internal developer department” ahhaha

STUPID DOG! You make me look bad! (Booga boooga boooga)