Stupid Gimp paths

whenever I try to use Paths in GIMP 2.2 I can never tell where they are going because it doesnt show the curves or the handles or anything, (well it does, but lets say a hook is 10x10 pixels, it will show only about 3 pixels of the 38 pixels. And for the cuves, which would be about 300 pixels long, it will show only about 3 pixels)

It is impossible to work with. How can I fix it to make it like the curves in Inkscape?

The only way to make it work is to minimize it then bring it back up which gets really annoying. I want it to be in real time WYSIWYG

ohk Im fine with the paths now but GARRR!! I HATE LAYERS!!!

How on earth can you use layers??? I added some, edited to them, but when I went back to one of the older ones, I couldnt edit it anymore,

Ive selected it but no. It just wont let me. It wont do jack.

How can you use the layers after youve selected it. And what is the point of after youve selected layers, not being able to use them??? :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :<

Relax. Inspire slowly and deeply!! :slight_smile:

Are you just starting with Image manipulation softs??
Layers are one of the major and most useful features of them.
And I don’t really understand your problem
Working with layers is really easy
You add layers and to work “inside” them you have just to select them in the layer
panel and…work
What do you mean by “edit”?

ok here is my problem once I select a certain layer, then try to paint over it nothing happens. I checked the colour and opacity. Nope it wasnt the problem. So I tried select part of the image, but I couldnt select anything.

i’ve got this problem too, very irritating… Luckily we somehow managed to get photoshop :wink:

you bum

Woa… that sounds really strange…

The problem might be that you already had a very small part of the image selected, and as you can’t paint outside the selected part, it looked as if you can’t paint on the layer at all ?
And for the impossibility to select something, make sure the select mode isn’t “Substract from the current selection” or “Intersect with current selection”.

The impossiblitity to paint on your layer may also be that the layer is transparent and with the “Keep transparency” enabled ? (it’s the small button on the top right of the layer window).

Hmm… that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Maybe screenshots of what you’re doing (or even the .xcf file) would help ?

ooh Its starts working when I try to make a screenshot.

Stupid Gimp. Always wants to play tricks on me