Stupid Grid!

Blenders views always rotates around that grid. Is it possible for the views to rotate around the object ur making instead?

select object, hit C, pan.


Even better than placing cameras rotate around the centre of objects is to use local mode. You can even select vertices and then hit the numpad-dot. This then centres the cam round your selected objects’ median. Very handy if you try modelling a thumb or foot on a human figure, for example. Note, this zooms in too so you may have to zoom out if it goes too far.

The rotation system can become frustrating, I agree. Keep at it, you’ll find workarounds.

Pressing C will make the view rotate around the 3D cursor. To position the 3D cursor at the current object, select it and press Shift+S. From the context menu that pops up, select “Cursor-> Selection”, or press [4]. Now when you press C, the view will be centered on the object.

NUM/ will set up blender so that no only is the view centered on the selected object, but everything else is invisible. Press it again to go back to normal.

we had a similar thread - press NUM , or NUM . (depends on language layout) to center the view on the selected object. no need to snap>> center or local mode.