Stupid Material Question

I am trying to make an object with multiple materials. I am using the manual in Wikipedia as a reference. I can add “new” materials and it is reflected in the “0 mat 0”, but I can not have independant colors. Each time I change one of the material’s colors all the materials change to the newly selected color.
What am I doing wronge?
p.s. is there an easier way to select all the faces? I am currenly selecting each vertice, but there are many.

In Edit Mode, hit the AKEY to select all vertices. Pressing a second time will deselect all vertices.

To add multiple materials, you have to first go into Editing buttons – Press F9. Look at the Link and Materials panel. You’ll see the Material section and underneath it will say 1 Mat 1. Hit the New button below it and it will say 2 Mat 2. Use the arrows on either side to move between the 2 materials.

Go into Material buttons – Press F5. Look at the Links and Pipeline panel. It will say MA: Material under Link to Object and it might have a button besides it with the number 2 which means the same material data is used for the 2 materials. Click that button and click on the Single User menu that pops up. Now it will say MA: Material.001. Now change the color to whatever you like. Just below it to the right you will have access to switching between 2 materials (it will say 2 Mat 1 or 2 Mat 2). You now have 2 materials with different color.

Go back to Editing buttons – Press F9. Select the faces you want to have the first material. Switch to 2 Mat 1 and hit the Assign button. Press AKEY twice to deselect all vertices. Select another set of vertices, switch to 2 Mat 2 and hit the Assign button. You should now have 2 distinct materials.

That worked… Thanks