Ok, newb here, I have tryed to search for this info without being able to find anything on it, and I’m sure it’s so easy that I will punch myself in the ear when I find out, but is there a material library in Blender. If not is there a way to import materials from other projects.

from a newb

Try Shift-F1 (or File->Append). Then you can load any blend file and import objects from it. There’s even a video tutorial for that - quite helpful.

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There isn’t a material library in Blender (at least I didn’t find any in the short time I’ve been using the programme).

It is however possible to import materials from other blender files. To do so go to File --> append (or just press SHIFT + F1)
Select a blender file
Go to materials
Right click the materials you wish to import to your current file
Click on the ‘load library’ button

You can now select the material in the shading (F5) --> material buttons section.

I hope that answers your question.

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Oh - I forgot about that…

Actually there are material libraries in the form of normal blend files (to be used with the append function). There’s no official one, but things collected by other users. I haven’t really used any until now (also still noob) but I remember those two: (out of date, from 2001)

[edit] Added note to the first link. Thanks phlip for pointing that out. [/edit]

Hey, thanks guy thats just what I was looking for, Quick turn around too, thanks

Note that the first one of those links is old, before blender had raytracing (before it was open-source even!) so a lot of the ones that involve reflections in some way (like the metallic ones) will be using envmaps, and none the see-through ones (like the glass) will be refractive…