Stupid newbie questions...

Hi there!

I bet you get tons of such stupid newbie-questions, but please answer me only some easy questions, I didnt find them anywhere:

1.) I´m very impressed that Blender has a buitin 3D-realtime-engine! Its really great!
a.) How powerful is it? Does it support all effects that blender supports?
b.) How is the logic done? Is it done with graphical-symbols or can I hardcode it with C++?
c.) How can I distibute my games? Is it possible to run the game without starting blender first?
d.) I´ve heard that the engine performces not very well. Is that true?
e.) Where can I find good tutorials for Blender itself and game-belnder? Notice that I´ve never worked with a modeller before, although i know about 3d-basics. I prefer german docs g

Thx, Linuxhippy

Lets see…

The realtime engine dosen’t support halo effects or particles, and the materials are done slightly differently.

Logic is done with logibricks or python.

Blender publisher can save .exe files

I think the engine performs well, but thats my opinion.

you can find some tutorials at, or look around the forums, or even search.

Hope this helps!

I am a newbie too, but can get you started I think.

a. not sure what “all” might me, but I think so
b. 2 ways: graphically and using pythonController scripts.
c. there is a way with BlenderPublisher to export your model to a native (e.g. game.exe) file on your platform
d. dunno. if performance is an issue, consider paying US$thousands for a commercial product, or contributing to and make it faster
e. google. here. etc…

Wow, thanks for the very fast response!

1.) Is Blender publisher the blender-product which is freely available in version 2.25?
2.) If I use python for logic does that mean thaht I need to have python installed on the system, or can the player use a integrated python-interpreter?
Are logibricks powerful?

@burper: is a good point to start, thanks!

Does anybody know if the binary file export does also work for Linux (I love it!)?

Again, thanks for your fast and very friendly responses!
cu+Thx Linuxhippy

Hi again!

  1. Yes, but you need the key (downloadable from

  2. Haven’t a clue. Try the Python forum :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Logibricks are good for simple things like movement, properties etc. and can be used for simple games. (Stones, my game at uses only logibricks) but for the advanced programmer (not me :wink: ) you need python

Hope this helps!

I haven’t tried export yet, but have read that it works on any platform that the publisher runs on, i.e. yes linux should work.
The only bummer :slight_smile: is that you can’t use someone else’s compile farm (e.g. sourceforge) because you need to load the blend file into blender on each of your intended platforms and do the export via the gui.

NO you don’t need a seperate python installation, a very cut down version is already integrated into blender.

Having said that, some of the more advanced python scripts that some of us are writing do require a full python installation, but most don’t.

I dunno anythong about the linux version soz, im strickly a windoze man :expressionless:

Another good plaece to go for tutorials is by the way.

Keith. 8)

That seems all to fine to be true!

I think now, Blender is really worth a long try, I tried 2.23 a long time ago, and it was so counterintuitive und seemd absolutly powerless to me.
I think the gui needs a complete new strategy how to use it, than I´m used to do it under Windows/Linux-KDE, but I also think it could be very powerful…
Hmm, that will be a hard time…

I think its time to look at it :wink:

Oh no, everybody is using windoze. Well I can live with that as long as theres a blender-version for Linux and it does support the same features :wink:

Fine that there are so many places where I can look for tuts. I´m sure I´ll need them :wink:

I want to thank everybody here for your support, I will help as soon as I can also in the forum (when I know enough g ), thanks! I decided know that it wont be worth writing a complete new engine on the top of java, blender can create almost native executables, without the need for a stupid low-level programming language. Fine, Great, Super!!!

Thx again, Linuxhippy