Stupid NooB mistake...

I’m hoping there’s a way to fix this…

I started box modelling a head, and got a shape I like. I didn’t mirror it though, and now it occurred to me that I should. I have a few verts that should be on the centerline, but aren’t. Is there a way I can delete half of the head to mirror it, and correct the centerline? If I box select half of the head, I get verts that I want to keep selected… Is there a way to select a bunch of verts, and move them all to say the 0 point of the Z axis? (Similar to a flatten command in AutoCAD, if you’re familiar with that)

Yes, and I do it all the time.:smiley: Hopefully I can explain it well enough for you.

1-Select the vertices you want to have on the center line
2-Hit “S key” (for scale), but don’t move mouse yet
3-Now with “Alt key” click and then drag with your middle mouse button in the direction you want to scale.

Your vertices should line up along one axis, you might have to hit ESC and try again if you are going vertical and want horizontal, or the other way around.

Even faster:
1 - Select your vertices (the ones you want to flatten)
2 - Press S to start scaling, then the key corresponding to the axis you want to scale along (X, Y or Z)
3 - Press 0, then press Enter.

or you can use the Flatten script

PR’s suggestion is quick and simple.

One more thing though. Assuming your model’s centre line in on the Global centre line*, snap your cursor to the global centre point (or somewhere on the global z axis) and set your scaling/pivot point to “cursor”. Then do what PR said.

Takes a couple of second when you get in the habit.

*You don’t have to use Global centre (I prefer it) but using the cursor allows you to control how the vertex alignment occurs.