stupid noob question i need (animating materials)

i have been using blender for a while, and i just figured out how to do character animation (yay for me…) i don’t know how to animate materials. like to make it change specularity, or to make it change color. Could someone give me a site or some help on this?


jeez, right down to the way he said it in the entry. LOL

oh yeah, thanks alot

It’s pretty easy. At the header at the very top of the screen, go to the screen menu (menu that says SCR:2 - Model) go to SCR: 1-Animation. In the IPO Curve window, there’s a menu that says “Object.” with the three little arrows. In that menu, switch to “Material” and then leftclick the material characteristic that you wanna change, on the right side of the window. then ctrl + leftclick on the grid in the IPO window at 0,0. then ctrl + leftclick on whichever frame and value you want it to change to.