Stupid Normals?

Ok, I’m pretty sure these black faces have something to do with normals. When I check them the lines always point out like they should.

What am I missing?


Please post in correct categories. I’m moving this into #support:modeling Thanks.

Hi, i think you have overlapping / intersecting mesh.

Try selecting by non manifold.
If something is selected you know that something is “wrong”, like internal faces for example.

Step 1: Try changing your perspective… don’t blame Blender but blame yourself :wink:
Step 2: All of the above mentioned
Step 3: Try Menu: Mesh -> Clean Up -> Merge by distance

On a serious note about step 1. Getting frustrated with either yourself or Blender doesn’t help. Step away, grab a coffee/thee and think it over. When your mind is cleared go back to Blender.