Stupid or cool idea?

You know about these old computers that could do like little math with punch card and gearwheels? I was thinking now that blender GE is actually strong enough to simulate this in realtime, I could make one. :pThough I dont have any blueprints, but it is pretty cool thought, huh? That we now can simulate past state-of-the-art computers. Or is this just idiotic :wink:

Cool or idiotioc ? … What is art ? :slight_smile:

I think it’d be cool :slight_smile:

A “relatively” simple “modern” CPU like a 6502 (only 3 registers ACC / X / Y) would also be neat.


I think its a good idea, if your serious about it, I say go ahead :yes:

there are lots of blueprints and sketches of babbage’s computing engine, or crank registers . Heck, start with the abacus. Ada Lovelace i think too designed some early computing machines. If you want to go back 4000 years, there is an astonomical calculator invented by the Greeks that is still under debate as to how it worked. Google search for these, and post back with your first project!