Stupid P button!!

(Happydud) #1

whenever i press it, the view shifts slightly, and then blender crashes. is this like the fabled “format C-Drive” button? only it crashes blender? WHAT DOES IT DO!!!

(theeth) #2

Pressing the PKey starts the blender game engine. I don’t see why it should crash though.


(acasto) #3

what operating system and version of blender are you using?

(IamInnocent) #4

It only look like it crashes : press escape to regain control. By pressing the PKEY you entered the real time engine mode.

(Happydud) #5


it didnt crash, but i couldnt do anything in it, and none of the buttons would work, so i assumed it crashed.

(IamInnocent) #6

You’re not the only one. That’s exactly how I reacted myself.