Stupid piece of crap!!!!

DAMN IT!!! I HAVENT STARTED ANY PROJECT FOR YEARS! ITS SO DAMN COMPLICATED TO ME! everything I planned to make is just being crap. I know how to model, animate and make textures! but everytime I make something theres always a problem that will screw me up. Dang IT I QUIT BLENDER IF NOTHING HAPPENS AGAIN! I keep asking something on this forum but I find no good answers. Maybe dreams are not meant to come true at all. I’m sorry about this thread I’m so angry right now and I want to destroy something so I can release my fury:mad:

Hey wanna make a team? I’m having a similar problem…I’m not good at animation or logic bricks…!!! AHHH :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we could disscuss some ideas over msn or something :wink:

I have the same problem but I usually find a solution eventually.
What we need is a version of blender where things work how they’re meant to, the first time.

@Duo Orator: Aha! The elusive “Reproduce what’s in my mind only better” button. Try Maya, 3dsMax, etc. I think you’ll find that none of these massively funded companies have achieved this yet. If you want to code such a button for Blender then I’m sure that many people would be in your debt.

I think part of the issue may be people just getting into the game engine getting answers that show the solution as more complicated than it needs to be, it applies especially to python when someone including myself shows a script and one of the python gurus re-write it to something into a shorter, less complex, and faster script.

You also have to take the many enhancements as of recent for the BGE into account too, because a number of those can make certain things a bit easier.

Practice is the path to perfection, Patience is your food to consume along the journey, and Perseverance is the light to lead your way.

alas that button doesn’t exist, I talking about when for instance I do IPO’s on two objects in exactly the same way one works, the other mysteriously doesn’t with no explaination why not

In 2 words (and some exclamation symbols):


@Duo Oratar

I programmed something for
few months ago, maybe that could help you :

(Click on the pics for the real size screen caps)

By the way, That was a joke. The only way you could do such a button is with a decoder for neural signals, which doesn’t exist yet.

I heard Japanese scientists are starting to be able to represent what a mind thinks on a computer screen. However its pretty ambiguous at the moment they think they get it to display proper images. Now we just need a way of converting that image into 3D data!

The best way to start a project is PLAN always plan what your going to do! If you don’t it gets harder and harder for you to move along through your project. Plan out everything you are planning to have for your project, doesn’t matter if it’s mental or on paper… Next, make sure you STICK to it, don’t go on adding things through out the work process, that will make you end up in a mess! This happened to me twice, but I think I got the hang of it! I have my own game project right now, and to all it seems to be going slow… And that’s because it is XD But I’m positive I’ll get it done!

I have all my logic FINISHED, that means, my character has everything he needs to do, and I’m not going to add anything… I’ve learned a lot from making this project, and in the future I will improve my idea and make it AWESOME…

Anyways, also, when you make a game, make all the logic first, you character with the animations, the physics and all those kinds of things… People think it good to start of with just models, but that’s wrong because logic is the most important part of a game, the graphics can wait…

For example:
Your a black dot on a screen, with a black line as a sword, walls are green and enemies are red. The controls may be something like arrow keys and space bar, but if the gameplay is fun (which comes from the logic) then people will like your game.

Of course this is exaggerated, but if you’ve played the first zelda game or the first mario game, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Practice is the path to perfection, Patience is your food to consume along the journey, and Perseverance is the light to lead your way.

A passage that is more true has never touched mine ears. Your speak with the clarity and wisdom of a profit.

Seriously though, this just about sums up everything in life. A good soccer player didn’t start out scoring goals. Einstein didn’t come up with E = MC^2 first try. Everything takes practice, and if you want to get to a point were you can create the games you dream of you need to keep practicing. If you get discouraged take a break, then start over. Don’t expect to make halo 3, just look at the games in the finished games section and use them as a guideline to what you may be able to do.

Well but intelligence is your vehicle. Einstein had a Lamborghini while most people have a bicycle ^^

Hey !

Even with a bicycle we can go far !

It only take determination :wink:

Depends what bicycle, there is this BMW bicycle which costs like $5,000. It has a motor on it for those steep hills, something like you put in 40% and it will do 60%.