Stupid problem

Hi there
Right. Being new to this forum, this question has probably been asked and answered before, but my searches didn’t find quite what I was looking for, so here goes:
Here’s the scene - A big ship in drydock. I have a stationary camera amidships, which pans stern to bow. Now I want to include a background, which is a live photo of a shipyard.
Here’s the problem: If I use it as a backbuff, it tracks with the camera resulting in the only moving object being the foreground model. I want everything to stand still!! The only thing that should be moving is the camera!!
Here’s the pitiful cry for help: How, oh Blender gurus, can I effect a solution to this problem! It’s giving me a headache!! (Either that or it’s from banging my head off a wall.)

UV map it to a giant plane. That’ll get you where you want. :]

Ah ha! Like a matte painting! Gotcha!