Stupid Question but umm, Aspect Ratio?

What exactly is aspect ratio in combination with the resolution of a still frame you produce?

Because i cannot seem to get renderings the size i want them, can someone give me some info so i know exactly what i am doing without playing for forever to get what i need and not know how i got there lol?

But just for kicks, and reference, lets just say i want to make a still render 730pix by 250pix, how would i accomplish such an amazing task?

To render a 730 pix X 250 pix image just leave the aspect ratios at 100, 100 and change the sizex and sizey fields. The aspect ratio is used to adjust for devices such as tv which have a different x and y pixel size. This is all explained in the online documentation at


Am I missing something or do you just want to know how to make render 730 by 250? If so F10 under format x 730 y 250. F12 Render F3 save. Below that pick what format you want to save as like jpg wala done.
If this is what you are asking may I suggestion checking out the online manual.

Leave the aspect ratio at 1:1, or anything with the same two numbers. Then change SizeX to 730 and SizeY to 250.

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The aspect ratio sliders is for the pixel aspect ration - ie for screens that do not have square pixels.

For instance, on an NTSC television, pixels are slightly taller than they are wide (to a ratio of 10:11). This means that an image is stretched vertically when it’s displayed (since x pixels in a vertical direction is longer than x pixels in a horizontal direction).
The fix is to set in blender “AspX” to 10 and “AspY” to 11 - that way it squishes it vertically in such a way that when it’s stretched on the TV it looks normal. The SizeX and SizeY still control the size of the output so the field of view of the camera changes - since vertical pixels cover greater distance, the vertical field of view of the image is increased.

Similarly for PAL, except that the pixels are wider than they are tall - by 59:54

Have a look at and if you’re interested, but this is getting rather off-topic, since the question was about the display aspect ratio, not pixel aspect ratio :wink:

well from my understanding leaving the aspect ratios alone, or the same, is what i was doing. I tried 100x100, and 1x1, however my images were not the size i set them to. They were MUCH smaller, any idea on what is wrong?

ie 1x1 ratio, 730 by 250 ended up i dunno, under half the size it was sposed to be… (roughly ofcourse)

Are you sure the 100% button is depressed? By default it is 50%.


Most likely you have the buttons on the right of that panel set to “50%”
Set it to “100%”

These buttons are for rendering quick previews, without having to set the sizeX/Y.

wasent aware that such a button existed, i’ll check in the mornin cuz i dont have access to it atm, but thanks all!

I assumed it had something to do with the aspect ratio that i wasent getting, and by blaming the aspect ratio it also made me not understand blenders version of aspect ratio lol.

Thanks All :slight_smile: