stupid questions :)

Hey guys, I have a few questions…

  1. Very stupid, but how do you group and ungroup objects? :smiley:
  2. Whats the best way to make a rubber band that will stretch.
  3. When animating, how do you swith between cameras?

He he, sorry for my noobish questions. Thanks

What exactly do you mean by grouping and ungrouping objects? If you mean parenting, first select the child, then select the object to which it will be parented. Then press Ctrl + P and select Make Parent.
I would guess that there would be several ways to make a rubber band that stretches. I would probably first model the shape of a rubber band. Insert a keyframe on frame 1 for Size. Advance to frame 50 or so, scale the rubber band in the direction that you want it to stretch, then insert another keyframe for size. It should then stretch for you!
To switch between cameras, first select the camera to which you want to switch, then press Ctrl + 0 (on the keypad). That should switch for you.

If by grouping you mean joining, select both and hit Cntrl + J to join. To seperate, in edit mode select the verticies of the object you want seperated and hit P.

Ryan Ritch’s way of animating a stretching rubber band would probably cause the thickness of the rubber band to scale up in that direction as well. I would just use a simple armature setup.
For question three, there is an advanced tutorial involving scene data manipulation around. Just look for it. Another option would be to separately animate cuts and then edit them together via AVID or your favorite video editing app.

Thanks for your help guys…
I figured out how to group objects. 8) thx.
I did find that tut on this site about switching cameras…but, It seems like the easiest way would be to use an outside video editing prog.
Although uniform scalling would make the rubber band bigger, what about ununiform scalling? But I might try using armatures. How would you make an armature telescope? Also, what’s the best way to model a rubberband?

To model a rubber band, I would probably just make a cube and then extrude and rotate it the way that you want. I guess that you could also do it by extruding a plane along a bezier or NURBS curve.

I made one using bev object. Thanks for your help. Mind if I ask one more question? :wink: How do you export a sequence from one blender file into another. Thanks again.