Stupid Quetsion: How to animate a single vertex of a mesh in 2.5?

Sorry about that question but I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I can animate whole objects fine in Blender 2.5. But I want to animate a single Vertex of a mesh. When I’m in edit mode I cant set any keyframes.

So how is that done?

Thank you and please excuse this Newbie question but I try to learn but cannot figure out where I can find a solution to this problem.



Not a stupid question because it’s not obvious, and there is not yet a lot of documentation for the 2.5 versions. If you want to animate just one or a few vertices, you could use hooks. Select the vertex, then Ctrl-H->New object. Now when you animate the new Empty, the vertex follows.

You can also use shape keys to animate vertices in a mesh. Here is a short video tutorial for 2.5.

I did it with Shape keys and it’s very easy to work with them.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. You saved my day!

Great forum!


Glad to help. Welcome to Blenderartists!

If you want to use an armature for it then you can parent the hook to any bone you want.