Stupid, Stupid STupid!

Gah, I’m so stupid, I hate myself!!!

I was recently playing around with ubuntu, then I installed it, 3 months later, I want to uninstall it, so I do, everything works fine, but then I run the Ultimate boot CD and when I’m done I get the error message “Missing Operating System”. I threw in my recovery disk and la da dee da, it won’t work!!!

somebody pleae4 help me fix this, my computer is a 64bit windows vista, Acer, Intel, core 2 quad.


Two words:
Dual Boot.

Install Vista, then install Ubuntu. Best done with two separate hard drives to avoid the partitions.

What exactly happened?

I had the same problem. It was utorrent for me that ficked everything.

so how do I fix this!?!?!?!?

recuva is your best shot.

Uh… from what I understood, that will not help him. His data is all there, its just that the boot loader can’t find the operating system. I’m not quite sure what he did, but I have a guess:
He installed GRUB to the MBR. This means that the MBR points to GRUB, which is located in /boot on Linux. When he uninstalled Linux, probably by deleting the partition from Windows, the next time he boots up, the MBR tells the computer to look in /boot for the bootloader, but it no longer exists, and thus he cannot get into Windows now.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

I myself did something similar to this a while ago (I was installing Xubuntu to an external drive, and I accidentaly installed GRUB to the internal HD. Upon finishing using Linux, I shut down, poped out the drive, and what do you know, my computer won’t boot. I tried putting it back in, but it was still totally screwed up.

I ended up fixing it using the Windows XP installation disk. You boot into a recovery console, and then you use the command fixmbr. You can google for more concise instructions. Keep in mind that this will make it so that only your windows partition is accessble, any recovery partition, or other operating systems won’t be.

it’s strange that the Ultimate Bood CD could not access the MBR and boot Vista for you.
If I were you, I’d just reinstall Linux just so that grub picks up the partition.
You should also boot a “Live Linux CD” and mount the partition where Vista is installed on just to make sure the partition still exists.

Good Luck!

If this fails, post a new post with the topic: “Please Cheer Me Up” in the “News” section and we all take it from there :wink:

well I just switched to Ubuntu, since my CD showed me that I had nothing in my C drive!

so can anyone direct me to an Ubuntu expert who will awnser these questions:

I have 2 drives, one is C and the other D, I can’t access my D drive anymore, so I’m missing a whole 500gb!

and 2: I have an Hp Color LaserJet CP1215 printer, a Dymo Label printer, and a microsoft live webcam, how can I get these to work?

I hope you get the issues sorted out. Best of luck!

Try the Ubuntu Forums.

I don’t know about Vista, but the XP recovery CD includes a tool to fix your MBR. Knoppix also includes an MBR-fixing tool.

yeah but my recovery disc isn’t working, when I boot from it, I get two empty lines, then it says “Missing OS”

I would send in my computer to someone who could fix it. Doing complicated stuff on your own isn’t always a good idea. Installing and unistalling OS I will never do, if I’l switch OS I’l buy a new computer with it. I know how ti feels, I have had a really annoying virus ones. I could’t click anything. I had to remove a file and then it said “wanna remove the C harddisc” ahhhh wtf. You almost got a virus, but yeah maybe it’s not that bad yet. May god be with you…

Install Vista on C: and download recuva. Now check the “restore catalogue” on recuva and recover everything important from D: to C: drive.

Are you sure you didn’t use utorrent???

I had utorrent installed, but never got a chance to use it!

and my recovery CD is NOT working, therefore, I cannot reinstall windows!

Have you tried using Knoppix? It’s a bootable linux distro with lots of tools, you may at least be able to recover your files. Save them to an external storage device, then format your disc and reinstall windows.

If the recovery CD is not working, that’s just odd. I’ve never had to reinstall the Vista crap on my machines, but if the recovery disk is telling you “no OS”, then you might as well reinstall Vista completely. If that doesn;t work because of your CD, get with your manufacturer on a replacement disk. If you’re not wanting Vista and wanting Linux instead, you should be able to reinstall it, not touch the D drive, then get D mounted using Ubuntu (or whatever distro you use).

I am not quite sure whether it works or not, but if i were you i would do the following steps

1- Boot from XP installation CD
2- Press “R” for Repair that show you the command panel
3- Login as admin and enter your password
4- Use “fixmbr” command

These steps works for XP and Linux. But as I said I am not quite sure about Vista. I am not using Vista.

Apparently I’m not getting my point across: My recovery CD does not work.

I’ll see if I can get in touch with Acer.

and my C: Drive got wiped while trying to recover using Acer’s “helpful” tool called eRecovery which proceeded to empty my harddisk and then eRecovery crashed!

so it erased windows for me, thanks!

and Ubuntu won’t access my D drive!