Stupid texture question

if i play a game , only one side of the object is shown, the other side is transparent. How can i remove that? i want to make a tree, and both side of the leafs must be visible.
Dilopho dd.

Try to flip normals

Duplicate and flip? that means 2x the tris… i want low ploly

Once a mesh has a UV map, a ‘texture face’ window will show up in the edit buttons.

There you can set parts of the mesh to ‘two-sided’

(note that you have to hit the copy button for it to be applied to all selected faces)

I dont understand it…

jplur is saying yes there is a way to do it without 2x the faces. You just need to find the “two-side” button and click it on. But you would need to go through and do it on every single object so he mentioned a way to do it in a copy and paste fashion.

Where is it?

Got it! But it only works with Multitexture, how can i do it with GLSL?

Hey Dilopho!
Checkthis out!

It works!
Here’s the tree (no leaf textures yet)

Maybe it’s a bit late, but I remembered b\Blendiac explained normals very good last month:

Hope it helps you further.
BTW, love the tree. Can’t wait to see it textured. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zul je zo wel zien :wink: